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8 Ways Parents Ruin Their Children's Health

From Healthy Children Report in Sound Concepts 2010 Volume 1.1

1. Relying on sugary fruit juices and snacks for children's nutrition.

Contrary to popular belief, fruit juices and snacks are NOT a healthy option for children. Too often, they provide more sugar, calories and artifcial ingredients than nutritional value.  Ditch the bottled juices and boxed fruit products and whenever possible, choose whole fruits and vegetables.

2. Overmedicating with precsciption drugs and antibiotics

Prescription and over-the-counter medications should be used with extreme caution since contraindications for children are often different and may not be fully understood. Antibiotic overuse in particular should be avoided since it leads to antibiotic-resistant microbes, poor immune response adn destruction of "good" bacteria necessary for proper digestion. Instead, use natural immune support wherever possible.

3. Setting a bad health example

Practice what your preach. Your children watch what you eat, your activity levels and other habits. They are likely to follow in your footsteps.

4. Dinner in a box or take-out bag

Instant freezer or packaged meals and take-out pizzas or fast food may be the most convenient option for dinner on a hectic day, but these items often contain excessive amounts of artificial ingredients and preservatives and plenty of extra calories. Make quick, healthy dinners rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains a priority, so that you know exactly what your child is eating and how it effects their health.

5. Too many video games and not enough backyard play

Although it isn't easy to get kids away from the TV or videogames, frequent physical activity is one of the biggest deterrents in childhood obesity and an integral factor in overall health. As more gym classes are cut in schools across the country, the importance of encouraging children to participate in after-school sports and physical play becomes more important.

6. Ignoring signs that indicate digestive irregularities or discomfort

Too often parents don't take seriously enough or underestimate the gravity of the phrase, "I have a tummy ache." Howver, many children suffer from constant discomfort due to lack of sufficient enzymes in their digestive tracts.

7. Forgetting the sunscreen

The days of sun worshipping are over, and the cancerous effects of too much sun are undeniable. Remember that year-round sunccreen application each day is imperative and to reapply sunscreen regualry if you are spending a lot of time outdoors.

8. Children need supplements too

Parents can't control everything their children are exposed to on a daily basis, whether it e viruses, encironmental pollutants, toxins, free radicals or other hazards. grocey store vitamin C chewablea aren't enough. If you take antioxidants and nutritional suplements to protect your own health, wh ot offer the same prtotection to your chldren?

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