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HEAVY METAL DETOX  by Spence Masson


Heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium accumulate in the body and cause damage, especially to soft tissues and organs. Heavy metals can cause kidney damage, lung dysfunction, infertility, chronic infection, and severe nerve damage. It is important to limit exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals and to detoxify the body of heavy metals before they can cause harm. Heavy Metal Detox is formulated to help prevent the absorption of heavy metals and remove already existing ones in the body. The ingredients of the formula have been used to reduce the load of heavy metals in both humans and animals, yet avoid depleting the cells of essential minerals.

The key ingredient is cilantro, a popular culinary herb. Studies suggest that Cilantro is beneficial in detoxifying the body of mercury and lead, and that it helps prevent lead deposition and may help in chelating lead. Lead is toxic in extremely small amounts (parts per billion), particularly to nerve cells and brain cells, and so it is very important to avoid lead exposure and to remove any lead that is in the body. Cilantro also has antimicrobial properties.

The other major ingredients have supporting functions for cilantro's action:

Kelp and apple pectin are able to bind to heavy metals so that they aren't absorbed, while sodium alginate (from brown seaweed) and L-methionine are capable of sequestering heavy metals and thus removing them from the body. The amino acid derivative N-acetyl cysteine provides antioxidant potential, reduces the effects of heavy metal toxicity to the liver, and may be a good chelating agent in the treatment of acute heavy metal poisoning.

It is important to note Heavy Metal Detox should only be used for detoxification purposes and for a limited period. It is best to avoid even the potential risk of loss of essential minerals through the detoxification and chelation process.


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