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Aluminum and Vaccines — A Brain-Destroying Duo, Says Top Doc

(ALSO READ: How to flush heavy metals from your body AND undo years of damage - SEE BELOW)


Thursday, February 16, 2012 7:53 AM

By Sylvia Booth Hubbard


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Aluminum has been added to vaccines for about 90 years in the belief it spurs the body to produce disease-fighting antibodies. But aluminum is toxic, and many common vaccines, including pneumonia, tetanus, and HPV, contain large doses. The result is children are getting amounts that are much higher than those considered safe by regulatory agencies, and adults are adding to the lifetime cumulative amounts of aluminum in their bodies. These megadoses can have a devastating effect on the brain, says Newsmax Health expert Dr. Russell Blaylock, causing everything from brain damage in children to Alzheimer's in adults.

"Aluminum is toxic," Dr. Blaylock tells Newsmax Health. "Compelling research has demonstrated that aluminum is an accumulative neurotoxin, even in small concentrations. It has a tendency to concentrate in the hippocampus, an area of the brain vital to crucial functions including learning, memory, and behavior.

"Recent articles on aluminum have shown that aluminum in vaccines is producing severe problems in the brains of developing children," he says. "The evidence is overwhelming, but many officials and doctors ignore it. They refuse to look at the evidence because it scares them — it's powerful evidence.

"Of the 36 vaccines children get, 18 of them contain aluminum," says Dr. Blaylock. "One article showed that children get doses 46 times higher than those considered safe by government agencies."

Mainstream medicine promotes vaccines to protect children from being crippled or dying from childhood diseases, says Dr. Blaylock. "But that's very rare," he says. "And you're talking about giving perfectly healthy children a vaccine that will cause their brains to develop abnormally, and they will essentially be neurologically ruined for the rest of their lives.




"How can you justify destroying

How to flush heavy metals from your body AND undo years of damage caused by toxins by using NSP’s Heavy Metal Detox and Milk Thistle


Without painful IV’s,
… Without uncomfortable suppositories, and
…Without 95% of it passing through your system unused


If you keep up with health news, you may already know about the dangers of heavy metal toxins. You may know that heavy metals can cause joint pain, fatigue, “brain fog” and other health problems.  And you may know about supplements and treatments that help detox your body by eliminating the heavy metals.


But did you know that removing heavy metals from your body is not enough to regain your health?


That’s because even after the toxic metals are gone, the damage they’ve done still remains. And until you repair that damage, your health will continue to suffer.


Without the repairs, your joints may still ache… your mind may still react  slower than it used to… and you may still feel tired, fatigued and worn-out.


 “Brain Fog,” Joint Pain, Fatigue and More… Gone!


Two root causes: heavy metals … and the damage caused by the heavy metals.


Your cells are so busy trying to counteract the effects of the heavy metals, their energy stores are being sapped.  You see, every cell in your body generates energy from tiny “power plants” called mitochondria. And the mitochondria in your body could be working so hard to provide energy to repair heavy metal damage, there is little energy left over for daily activities. 


And to make things even worse, heavy metals actually damage mitochondria themselves!  The heavy metals can be destroying the very sources of that energy…


The treatment is tried, true and proven.  The ingredients are safe and effective.  And when taken in the right combination, they are the best way to rid your body of metal toxins and repair the damage left behind. 


 This Terrific Trio of Nutrients Leaves You in
 Better Shape than Before Metal Exposure


A few years ago, researchers wondered what would happen if they added antioxidants to the heavy metal detox process.  To find out, they chose two antioxidants and a detox agent to treat rats exposed to lead, the most deadly of all heavy metals.


The researchers chose vitamins C and E for their experiment.  They chose these antioxidants because time and again they have been proven effective at protecting and repairing the body from free radical damage.


They chose the amino acid methionine as the detox agent.  Why methionine? Two reasons.  First, because methionine contains sulfur, and sulfur is one of the best ways to neutralize heavy metals.  Second, because methionine converts to a compound called SAM-e (s-Adenosyl-L-Methionine).  SAM-e helps counter the effects of heavy metals by easing joint pain and by boosting your mood so you can think more clearly.


After choosing the nutrients and detox agents, researchers divided their lab rats into 6 groups. The first group was not exposed to toxic metals and did not receive any treatments.  The second group was exposed to lead and received no treatments. The rest of the groups were exposed to lead and received various treatments, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and methionine. 


At the end of the experiment, the researchers tested the livers, kidneys and brains of the rats to see how much damage was done. Result:  Every single treated group did better than the group that did not receive treatment.  For example, the rats receiving methionine had 55.4% less damage to their livers. The rats receiving vitamin C had 63.6% less damage to their kidneys. And the rats receiving vitamin E had a whopping 99.4% less damage to their brains.


But as amazing as these results are, here’s something even more amazing:


One group of rats received both an antioxidant and a detox agent.  And that group did far better than any of the other groups.  In fact, that group had even less damage to their organs than the group that never got any lead exposure! 


Let me repeat that:  The lead-exposed rats were in BETTER health after treatment than the rats that were never exposed to lead at all! 


Now, let me introduce you to another nutrient that rids your body of heavy metals and helps repair the damage left behind…


The Little Known Acid that Blocks Aluminum,
Enhances Muscles, and Boosts Energy


One of the nastiest, most insidious metals out there is aluminum. And the problem with aluminum is that it does so much damage to our bodies… particularly to our brains and nerves.  Aluminum has been linked to poor nerve functioning, impaired learning, diminished cognitive skills, poor memory and so much more.


Another problem with aluminum is that it’s virtually impossible to avoid.  It’s in beverage cans, antiperspirants, antacids, vaccine preservatives, drinking water and so much more.  And until now, once aluminum was in your body… it was virtually impossible to get rid of.


But now, scientists have discovered a substance that does just that.  It’s called malic acid and it’s found in apples. Yes, apples, remember…an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.  But don’t let malic acid’s humble origin fool you.  Scientists have conducted countless studies on how to rid the body of aluminum, and malic acid consistently comes out on top.


In fact, one group of researchers went so far as to test 9 different substances — both natural and manufactured — to see which removed aluminum from the body most effectively. To do this, they took rats and gave them a large dose of aluminum.  Then they divided the rats into 10 groups.  One group didn’t receive any treatment at all.  All of the other rats received treatment from one of the 9 chelating substances. And then scientists measured aluminum levels to see which substance was most effective.


The most effective substance? It was malic acid.  Malic acid worked far better than even every other substance they tested. That’s right, this simple substance from apples even worked better than a treatment specifically manufactured to remove metals from your body. Amazing!


And on top of that, malic acid does more than just escort aluminum from your body.  It also plays a direct role in producing energy at the cellular level. Malic acid has been proven to help mitochondria produce more energy.


Beyond Prevention and Protection:
The Antioxidant that Reverses Damage to Brain Cells


You probably already know that antioxidants protect our cells from being damaged by free radicals.  But did you know that one antioxidant goes beyond prevention and protection?  This antioxidant is so powerful it actually reverses damage to the brain. 


How well does it work to reverse damage to the brain?  To find out, scientists cut off blood flow and oxygen to the brains of a group of rats.  Later, they restored blood flow and then examined the effect.  Not surprisingly, there was a lot of damage… in fact, 80% of the rats died within 24 hours.


But here’s something amazing.  A second group of rats also had blood flow cut off from their brains.  But this group of rats received this antioxidant when their blood flow was restored.  Scientists were floored when 75% of this group of rats made a complete recovery.  What’s more, their brains showed no sign of damage whatsoever.  Amazing!


If this antioxidant can repair brain cells after such extreme and deliberate damage… it will work wonders for brains that are experiencing the “every day” damage that leads to “brain fog,” memory problems and slowed mental response.


So what is this miracle worker?  It’s Alpha Lipoic Acid.  And on top of protecting and repairing the cells in your brain and body, Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps recharge vitamins C and E.  Why is this important?  Well, it means that ALA doubles the effectiveness of these key antioxidants.  That means you get more than twice the benefit from them as you would without ALA — for half the cost.


But that’s not the only familiar nutrient that works wonders against heavy metal damage…


The Kitchen Staple that Prevents Colds,
Improves Circulation and Cholesterol, and
Flushes Toxins From Your Body


You’ve probably heard that garlic helps prevent colds. You may have heard it improves circulation. And you may have heard it lowers cholesterol.  But did you know it’s also one of the most effective ways to rid your body of heavy metals?


It’s true!  Garlic is one of the best ways to flush most heavy metals from your system — especially mercury and cadmium.  


And that’s great news, because heavy metals stay in your body and damage cells and tissues forever unless they’re flushed from your body or neutralized.  Garlic does both


How do we know?  Countless studies have proven how effectively garlic flushes metals from your body.  For example, in one study, scientists took lab rats and exposed them to toxic levels of either mercury or cadmium.  Then, the scientists fed garlic to half the rats. Next, the scientists measured the amount of metal in the rats.


So how did the rats that had been fed garlic fare when compared to the rats that didn’t receive any treatment?  The rats that were fed garlic had 34% less mercury in their kidneys, 40% less mercury in their livers, and an impressive 42% less mercury in their brains.  And they had 32% less cadmium in their livers, a whopping 51% less cadmium in their testes, and a staggering 75% less cadmium in their bones.


So why does garlic work so well?  Garlic works so well because, like methionine, it contains sulfur. The sulfur compounds in garlic bind to heavy metals in your system and allow you to flush them out before they can do harm.  So you can now see nutrients that flush heavy metals from the body, protect against disease and repair damage.




How to Flood Your Body With Energy,
Reduce Joint Pain, Brain Fog, and Thyroid Problems


What if there was one nutrient that could flood your body with energy, restore vitality to your joints and mind, and protect against mental decline, thyroid problems and cancer?  Sounds great, right?  Now what if I told you the same ingredient does all that in addition to flushing heavy metals from your system.   The nutrient selenium actually does all the above and more.


Like garlic, selenium grabs hold of heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic and prevents them from damaging cells and tissues inside your body.  Countless studies show that selenium protects tissues from heavy metal toxicity.


On top of that, studies show that selenium protects the mitochondria in our cells.  By keeping mitochondria in top form, selenium helps your cells operate at their peak. This, in turn, boosts your energy level, mood and overall health.


Selenium does so much more than detoxing and invigorating you. It supercharges your immune system. It helps create antibodies that fight illness. And it helps prevent free radical damage.


Neutralize Heavy Metals, Boost Immunity and
Even REGROW Healthy Liver Cells


The liver is your body’s primary defense against heavy metals and other toxins. The better your liver functions, the better all of the ingredients will work to eliminate toxins from your body.


That’s why I recommend you take milk thistle and NAC (N-Acetyl_Cysteine) to support the liver during detox.  NAC neutralizes heavy metals and protects your liver from exposure to toxins.  Plus, NAC helps your body produce its own antioxidant powerhouse, glutathione.  Glutathione helps boost your immunity and fights free radicals within cell walls.


You’ve probably already heard that milk thistle is good for your liver.  The active ingredient, Silybum marianum, not only protects the liver, but also helps it replace damaged and dead cells.  Milk thistle actually helps create new, healthy liver cells… even if your liver is damaged from toxins, medication, or even alcohol.


NSP’s Heavy Metal Detox and Milk thistle is a potent detoxification support program. Designed to bind with and remove heavy metals from the body while supporting the liver and replenishing the body with essential nutrients.

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