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Plop - Plop - Fizz - Fizz.

Oh what a relief it is!

How do you spell relief?


 I may have just stimulated memories for some of you while others may not have a clue as to what I'm referring to.

These two marketing "pitches" have been used in the past to encourage those who suffered with digestive distress to try and get some symptomatic relief with over-the-counter remedies.

The digestive systems of the masses have deteriorated so much today that you can now get medications that once required a prescription as an OTC on an end cap at the grocery store.

Improper digestion is a leading challenge and factor creating most health problems. Stress is the biggest issue impacting one's well being and chronic stress adds to a digestive challenge.

If you have discomfort after eating and an ulcer was ruled out by a diagnostic procedure, then you more than likely do not have enough digestive enzymes.

When you do not have enough enzymes/natural acid (especially if you are over forty) your stomach is not able to process the food like it should.

Your body compensates with digestive distress and you actually have an acid surplus from fermentation of carbohydrates or putrefaction from proteins.

I address this type of digestive challenge by first suggesting that you should not combine animal tissue with starches.

In other words, a sandwich with deli meats or meat balls on a roll may, in fact, be a wrong food combination for you
resulting in distress. Try combining the protein with a non-starchy veggie such as a burger with cole slaw or green beans.

Poor food combination distress is more apparent in individuals who have blood Type A. I see less of this type of
digestive distress involving animal tissue and starches with blood Type O. You should avoid drinking ice cold beverages with a meal.

The cold will stagnate and literally slow down digestion. Milk products including cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cheese or even a milk shake can create distress. Also, gluten found in wheat, rye and oats may be a challenge for many.

Do you have heart burn or digestive distress with radishes, onions, green peppers or garlic? If you do, it may be because you liver is laboring to create enough bile to emulsify the fat you are eating.

The veggies I just mentioned should promote digestion and if they cause distress this may be a body signal for you to start the purifying eating system of Dr. Bob's ABC's:

one-half of a red apple, one-third cup of raw grated organic or baked beets, and at least one medium or five small carrots. The ABC's promote optimal bile flow and act as a liver decongestant.

I would also suggest that if you have digestive distress soon after you are eating, you should consider adding a digestive enzyme, taken with meals.

Your body over time will once again start creating digestive "juices". The "proton" pump inhibitors like Nexium and Prilosec actually create long term digestive problems and should be avoided.




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